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Here you have the review of Amor a medianoche (Midnight Sun), a romantic film directed by Scott Speer and starring Bella Thorne, Rob Riggle and Patrick Schwarzenegger. Its theatrical release is today, May 4, 2018.
None of the titles in Scott Speer’s filmography in which he highlights only the recording of loose chapters of Scream or Eye Candy presaged that Love at Midnight would be a memorable film and, in fact, it is not, as it is closer to a direct-to-home release than to the quality that is presupposed to a film released in commercial theaters.
On a technical level, it doesn’t have a single salvageable cinematic idea and barely plays with light, one of the essential elements to articulate the drama. Although the script has Kenji Bando as co-writer, the candor of his original work does not transfer to this American remake that does nothing but exploit the well-known and overused resources of the usual romantic cinema.
Cloying to the point of nausea, the film is so good-natured that it becomes tiresome: all the characters are angelic and flat. It’s not just a matter of exploring the modern Cinderella cliché with little originality, but it’s predictable from start to finish and has very little to offer.

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Amor De Media Noche (Midnight Sun) is an American romantic drama film directed by Scott Speer and written by Eric Kirsten, based on the 2006 Japanese film of the same name by Norihiro Koizumi (known in Japan as Taiyou no Uta, literally «Song of the Sun»). This adaptation stars Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Rob Riggle, and is scheduled for U.S. release on March 23, 2018.
*UPDATE 2 (03/16/2018): Below the subtitled trailer is a player with the official soundtrack. This soundtrack features songs from various artists as well as original score tracks composed by Nathaniel Walcott. At the end of the post we leave you a list with the names of the songs of various artists that sound in the film.

Midnight love – trailer

There are also those that were filmed entirely here, in which the protagonism of Asturias is notorious. And others whose appearance is minimal, leaving Asturias relegated to a very secondary plane or even difficult to identify.
Plot: The young Javier and his cousin Teresina love each other, but the young man’s mother marries Leonor, a girl of a similar social level to his own. An impossible romance in rural Asturias at the beginning of the 20th century.
Plot: Veronica, daughter of a multimillionaire and goddaughter of a duchess, travels to Deesen (Germany) to attend a party. On the plane she meets Miguel, a crown prince, and both decide to lie about their lives: she claims to be a secretary, and he a waiter. But, inevitably, they will end up meeting at the palace reception.
Plot: The Ordieres family is shattered: the father and son suffer an accident in the mine. The rest of the siblings are fired when claiming compensation, driven by greed and necessity. With the money they acquire a mine that is profitable in wartime, but which produces low-quality coal. In order to continue exploiting the deposit they must use dynamite, even at the cost of their lives.

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3. If you love princess movies, you’ll find in Amor de Medianoche a combination of Cinderella and Rapunzel. Plus, it features real-world nuances where you don’t always feel like you fit in around you completely.
«My father told me that for the six weeks of shooting, the cast and crew would be my family. ‘Those will be the people you’ll have to rely on,’ he told me. ‘Your job is to go out and act like the actor. You’re just going to have to trust everyone on the crew to do their part, and together you’ll make a great movie,'» Patrick says.