Amor por sorpresa filmaffinity

Amor por sorpresa filmaffinity

Luna de miel por sorpresa pelicula completa en español

Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman) is a journalist who has succeeded thanks to her sensitivity, maturity and great knowledge about love relationships. She has a leading radio show, a million-dollar book deal and a solid relationship with her fiancé Richard (Colin Firth). During the wedding preparations, Emma is shocked to discover that she can’t get married because she is already married. And also to a man she has never met before.  [+]
I agree that this film does not have an original basis but within its genre which is romantic comedy, I found it more than interesting and most importantly, it is entertaining. Virtue, that not all films can achieve and even more of this type, where it is difficult not to bore with worn out and already seen topics.
Insipid comedy about a woman who makes a radio program from which she advises her listeners on how to find what she calls «a real love» (that is to say that women should stop with the romantic bullshit and go to the practical, that cuddling does not last forever and that if you screw up blinded by love, there is a 43 percent chance of ending up divorced and bitter; my grandmother’s advice was better).

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I also understand the criticisms of people who may not like it, why? Easy, «Calendar Love» has a fairly predictable script, and does not go beyond entertain and let out a smile, but it is clear that it is not a memorable movie or to see repeatedly.
But the film does its job, you have a good time, you have good scenes quite crazy, plus the characters are quite sympathetic and charismatic in their roles. Emma Roberts has good acting points, and the chemistry with Luke Bracey is palpable behind the screen.
And the film ends up being much more hooligan and politically incorrect than one might expect at first glance, which is appreciated, in a romantic comedy that does not revolutionize the genre, but that can be seen in its hundred minutes of duration, which could have been less (comedies of this type should last less) but that do not become heavy.
It is the idea on which the whole film is based, which is still just another romantic comedy. In its favor I will say that it is a little out of the archetype of the genre, it tries to offer something more. It succeeds, but always without losing sight of the type of film it is and the structure that, more or less, could be imagined in it.

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During the night, Rafael finds himself immersed in a world where he has never met Olivia, the woman of his life. He does not know how he is going to get his wife back as he has become a complete stranger.
Mon Inconnue (2019) by French director Hugo Gélin, released in Argentina as Un amor a segunda vista, is a failed attempt to make people laugh with the story of a couple who have encounters and misencounters in parallel dimensions.
I am going to break what in cinema would be the fourth wall to clarify something with you my viewers. It’s like when actors talk to the camera. Comedy is not my favorite genre, which is not to say that I can’t enjoy a product that is really good, but it does make me have less contemplation when it comes to analyzing a film, which by all accounts, is far from being well made.
Meanwhile Olivia, after winning a few piano competitions, stagnates and becomes nothing more than a private teacher. The bond between the two becomes unhappy. She tells him she doesn’t love him anymore. He reacts violently, breaks a vase, goes to a bar to get drunk alone and goes back to sleep at dawn during a big snowstorm.

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Modesta is a beautiful provincial girl who arrives in Mexico City determined to become an actress and, responding to the advice of the agent Mauricio Armenta, he convinces her to give her acting lessons and change her appearance, clothes and even her name (by artistically baptizing her as Yvonne) for a film test in the production company where she works, so that the girl ends up falling in love with her discoverer to the point of giving herself sexually to him.
The film won Best Screenplay (for Jorge Fons and Gustavo Sainz), Best Actor (for Héctor Suárez), Best Actress (for Jacqueline Andere), Best Male Performance (for Ernesto Gómez Cruz) and Best New Director (for Jorge Fons) at the VII PECIME Silver Goddess Awards (1970).