Bso kiki el amor se hace

Bso kiki el amor se hace

Pedrina and rio enamorada

Cristina Manjón, Alejandro Acosta and Paco León himself voice the main theme of the film, which comes from Mr K!, who has some great remixes of Ellos, Algora or Madonna on his Soundcloud. Keep an eye on him.
To find love you don’t need the south anymore: just go out and look for it. We heard it in the trailer, and since then we can’t stop shaking our shoulders. The Chilean based in Mexico Mariel Mariel is the new indie revelation, and those tropical touches do not go unnoticed.
The final song of the movie, the one that appears in the Verbena de la Paloma, is going to be one of the songs that we are going to listen to the most this summer (hopefully also in popular verbenas). Enamorada, by Colombians Pedrina and Rio, has already been used in advertising, for example for the airline Avianca, or Payless stores, but we will remember it as the one that made an entire cinema go home in a good mood.
Kiki transmits warmth, that summer heat that is more than suggestive, that makes you sweat and brings out your baser instincts. Fuego, by Bomba Stereo, is that heat made song. Keep it on and don’t let it turn off.

Fuego bomba stereo movie

The main theme of the film is sex and love and it will tell five stories: The marriage of Paco and Ana who want to reactivate the passion in their relationship that has not satisfied them for a long time; José Luis tries to recover the affection of his wife Paloma who has limited mobility due to an accident; the couple of Ma. Candelaria and Antonio who are trying to become parents; Álex tries to fulfill Natalia’s fantasies while she wonders if he will propose to her; and Sandra, a woman who is looking for a man she can fall in love with.
Here is the trailer shared by Sky Media and below you will find the songs from the soundtrack of this movie. The soundtrack features songs by Mariel Mariel, Franck Pourcel, Gipsy Kings and Mr. K!


Here we bring you the song from the Kiki, el amor se hace advert that you have asked us so many questions about. Kiki is Paco León’s new film as director, in which he also plays the role of actor, unlike his two previous films with the Carmina saga, which he dedicated to the figure of his mother Carmina Barrios (and in which he only directed).
If there is something that has caught your attention, it is the song of the promotional spot of Kiki, a trailer that is frequently broadcasted in the different Mediaset channels (since it has been produced by Telecinco Cinema). The song is part of the soundtrack of the film and belongs to the musical duet Pedrina y Rio; it is called «Enamorada» and is one of the singles from their album Canciones sin ropa.    I leave you with the official videoclip of the song.

Kiki songs

Paco León has done it again, he has made us all fall in love with his ‘Kiki, el amor se hace’, never better said. Since its premiere, many people have dropped by the movie theaters to discover some of the most curious sexual paraphilias.Meet the songs of ‘Kiki, el amor se hace’.
If there is a song that has conquered us, it is this one. The theme of Pedrina and Rio has become the anthem of the film, so to speak: there is not a single person who has not left «in love» after passing through the cinema. The spirit of ‘Kiki, el amor se hace’ is naturalness in terms of feelings and sex, and this theme embodies it perfectly with the tenderness of its lyrics, let’s say more times that we are in love! Undoubtedly, a wonderful closing.