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A los 12 años, Rubín entró en el grupo Timbiriche, una de las bandas de pop más importantes e influyentes de los años 80 en las listas de éxitos en español. Su entrada en el grupo lo transformó en un septeto. Su primer álbum con el grupo fue el cuarto. Mientras estuvo con el grupo, grabó más de 10 álbumes, participó en varios especiales de televisión y visitó varios países durante sus giras de conciertos. Es conocido por éxitos como «Mágico amor», «Ámame hasta con los dientes» y «Princesa Tibetana».
Rubín permaneció con Timbiriche hasta 1991. El último disco de Timbiriche en el que trabajó fue el décimo. En 1998 se unió a la reunión de Timbiriche y escribió nuevas canciones para el álbum El Concierto, que coprodujo. En 2007, con motivo del 25º aniversario de Timbiriche, volvió a unirse a la banda y produjo su nuevo álbum. También actuó con su antigua compañera de banda Paulina Rubio como parte de las celebraciones del Bicentenario de México[2].
Ha lanzado varios álbumes en solitario desde que dejó Timbiriche, incluyendo el disco Aquí y Ahora[3], que obtuvo la certificación de oro.

Nina rubín legarreta

«My parents have always been an impulse, not an anchor. They have been very supportive and there are always people who will assume that they are ‘levers’ for me. I have demonstrated my preparation and talent».Mía RubínThe repertoireWhat do you have prepared for that night? E: Most of them are hits from my career. We’ll add unreleased songs, some of which will be sung by Mía and others by me. And also songs by other emblematic artists. We are trying to unify all this recipe with a Latin root. There is bachata, bolero, Latin pop. We are going to sing «Muriendo lento» together, was this selection of songs a joint effort?

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Mia Rubin Legarreta/Instagram11/18Comparte «Deciding to cross this stage with my parents has helped me grow a lot as a person and learn more about life and improve because I tell them about my mistakes and they help me grow from them,» she shared.
Instagram: miarubinlega15/18Share «I have friends who almost don’t talk to their parents and don’t have that connection. But I really feel that it’s very important to open up, even at this age when sometimes we feel that sometimes they don’t understand us or we feel alone.»

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Mia Rubin, daughter of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin, has surprised by her beauty and talent, just today she made her debut as a singer alongside her father through a virtual concert called «Raíces», the event was a total success, Mia showed that she has her father’s talent in her blood and in some videos shared on Instagram you can distinguish the great voice she has at her young age.
A few minutes ago, Andrea Legarreta’s daughter posted on her social networks a series of photos of the concert that took place, where she wore a beautiful red gala dress, which made her look spectacular.
Mia was very grateful to all her followers for taking the time to listen to her and also thanked them for the great opportunity to debut alongside her father with whom she sang some songs from Timbiriche.
I dare to say that this was the best day of my life.  The day where I made my debut next to my dad, next to people I admire with all my heart, doing what we love and are passionate about, music» was part of what Mia wrote.