Frases d amor en català curtes

Frases d amor en català curtes

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Every obstacle that arises on this planet is an opportunity to grow and transcend our way of thinking differently, or an excuse to go back to the belief that we are stuck.
Accept the challenge, don’t run away from the difficulty, face it with defiance and courage. Never be discouraged. Growing is a process that never ends and before each triumph you have to think, what new test accompanies it.
An applause for those who walk barefoot. For the one who laughs for no reason. For the one who looks with tired eyes. He who heals with his pain. He who loves without conditions. A round of applause for those who live, despite everything!
In this world there are only two types of people, those who sit under the tree of life waiting for the fruit to fall into their hands; and those of us who once and for all, we are ready to take the fruit we want and wish for.
Every day life gives you a new opportunity to start over, change and create a different destiny. And it is not life’s fault if you decide to fill this new moment with pains, anxieties and worries of the past.

Catalan phrases in catalan

There are many nice phrases in Catalan that, once you know the language, you can appreciate for their deep meaning. If you want to start getting familiar with the language, don’t miss the following nice Catalan phrases and their meaning.
If you want to dedicate some romantic and tender words to a Catalan speaker, this section is perfect for you. We share with you some love phrases in Catalan to conquer that special person.
Deixa’m fer-te un petó, d’aquells que mai s’obliden, ni en altres llavis, ni en altres nits, ni en altres vides. (Let me give you a kiss, one of those that you never forget, neither in other lips, nor in other nights, nor in other lives).
The phrases for WhatsApp or for other social networks are usually short and deep, because in a few words must sense a precise and usually intimate meaning that expresses how you feel.If you want some phrases in Catalan for WhatsApp or short Catalan phrases for other social networks, here are some of our favorites!

T estimo a mes no poder

Short and cute love phrases. Simple love phrases to tell him nice things every day because love must be taken care of it is not enough to think that the other person knows that you love the small gestures or details are important in a relationship. Create a special occasion for your partner on a date as important as February 14 is really necessary so the imagination and creativity should be let fly as high as possible.
Never say never never say always just tell me that you love me like never and forever. If at night I can’t sleep it’s your kisses that make me live. You are my sun my moon and all my stars you are the light of my life.
Home love short and very beautiful love phrases with images short and very beautiful love phrases with images love is the best medicine lovers are always cheerful live happily see the positive side of life and all this because they have another person by their side. Love is a feeling that rarely stays inside of us, we have to say it out loud, making the other person feel how important he/she is for us. Sometimes love does not have to be demonstrated. Love is the easiest feeling to live and sometimes the most difficult to explain but the important thing is that love exists to be enjoyed.

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