Frases de amor en latin

Frases de amor en latin

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One of our favorite Latin phrases with meaning is this one, because it reminds us that those who fall in love always have a little bit of madness inside. For more similar quotes, don’t miss this article about Crazy love phrases, unleash your madness!
In no language do we find warlike expressions as epic as those present in Latin. If you want to know what philosophers thought and wrote about political conflicts in Ancient Rome and, later, in the Middle Ages, don’t miss the following Latin war phrases.
Cicero was an important philosopher, politician and orator of the Roman Empire who believed that the civil powers, represented by the toga, should always be above the military, represented by arms.
The historian Tacitus says this phrase in his work “Agricola”, where he criticizes empires that try to impose themselves over other empires that are weaker. In this quote, Tacitus refers more specifically to the “pax romana”, that is, to the destruction of Carthage by Rome.Thus, Tacitus is ironizing about victories on the battlefields, since the victors of the “pax romana” were not the only ones to win.

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The word love comes from the Latin word amor. Hence also the words amorío, amorous, unloved, in love, in love, friend and its antonym enemy, lover, etc.. The Latin word is related to an Indo-European root *amma- (childish voice to call the mother), also present in the Latin verb amare (to love, to give mother caresses in origin). From the root of amare plus the suffix -or (effect or result, as in heat, pain, fervor, etc.), we have the result name amor.
One (false) theory of the etymology of the word love is that it is a compound word from Latin, where “a” means “without” and “mor” is a contraction of the word “mortem” meaning “Death”, so, Love means “without death”, therefore, love is Eternity.
The negation prefix -a is a Greek prefix, so it has nothing to do with the negation of a Latin word (mortem). The negation prefix in Latin is the monosyllable -in and not -a. The origin of the word amor is simply from the Latin amor with the same meaning. Only the pronunciation of the accent in Latin shifts to the first letter, the A, since there are no acute words in that language.

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Are you looking for Latin phrases and their translation to get a tattoo or simply because you like the language? In them there are interesting messages of reflection, love, sadness and others that writers, poets, philosophers and more left captured. Read also: Love phrases, friendship phrases, life phrases, beautiful phrases and moreThe best Latin phrases with meaning
They say that without love we are nothing, although for many love is a headache. Reflect with these Latin quotes, share them or dedicate them to the person you love or broke your heart. There are many love phrases, but those in Latin have something so special that it is worth knowing them.Latin Law Phrases
The emergence of law is not very clear, but it is believed that its principles were established during the 17th century. Latin phrases with translation are many and they laid the foundations of justice today. All of them are still part of the training of lawyers but also leave reflections valid for any mortal.Latin phrases of war

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The Latins always said that amor est vitae essentia love is the essence of life. Amor est vitae essentia. Latin love phrases are a great idea to show your love how much you love him/her and tell him/her through cute words how important he/she is in your life.
Surprise that special person with one of these Latin love phrases and make her fall in love a little bit more quietly that we have translated them. Some phrases have been written by saintly philosophers, writers and followers of the faith. Love is the essence of life.