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Alfonso «Poncho» de Negris Guajardo (nacido el 15 de junio de 1976), más conocido bajo su nombre artístico Poncho de Nigris, es cantante mexicano, es de ascendencia italiana, para la cadena regional de Monterrey Multimedios Televisión, incluyendo el programa de variedades de los domingos por la noche Poncho en Domingo. Sus hermanos son los ex futbolistas Antonio (fallecido) y Aldo de Nigris.
De Nigris se dio a conocer en la segunda temporada de Big Brother México en 2003, donde quedó en tercer lugar. Más tarde sería el concursante del ciclo 2011 del concurso de citas Mitad y Mitad de Multimedios que implicó un proceso de temporada para encontrarle pareja, y condujo Pura Gente Bien en el canal hermano XHSAW-TDT, junto con El Club del Italiano para MTYtv de Televisa Regional; ese programa fue cancelado en 2013 después de comentarios jocosos contra un programa antiacoso[1].
Regresó a la televisión de Monterrey en febrero de 2015 con el estreno de Poncho en Domingo en Multimedios, donde hizo pareja con la copresentadora Marcela Mistral. Ambos se enamoraron y tras ser aceptada una propuesta de matrimonio a Mistral por parte de de Nigris, éste y ella se casaron en una ceremonia televisada por la cadena grabada el 23 de noviembre de 2015 y emitida el 25 de noviembre. Y

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With the incident, the female employees of the singer’s home were involved, so they resigned and denounced the mistreatment they suffered from De Nigris, in addition, they accused him of not taking good care of their children for «consuming marijuana».
It all started when Alfonso «Poncho» de Nigris made a «live» transmission in which he and his wife, Marcela Mistral, showed the house where they were staying. In the middle of the tour, the celebrities began to show concern because they could not find their children with the maids, who responded that they thought the children were with them.
The situation did not end well, because the next day the maids decided to resign and accused, through an audio that went viral, which was also presented in the program «Chisme No Like», where they expose the celebrity and recounted the violence they suffered in the house of De Nigris.
«It is not acceptable that they leak things about our intimacy, even though we give them jobs, but that’s how people are, what do we expect, I’m really used to it and I enjoy life and I don’t even get into trouble with that anymore. How dangerous it is for them to show intimacy with their children and so on, for them to say that I smoke marijuana, I don’t care about that», said the celebrity. Finally, he declared that he was willing to take a drug test and assured that «he had never used drugs in his life», concluded the singer.


After a while, Poncho continued to add more success to his professional life when he returned to live in Monterrey, where he started different local television projects such as Pura Gente Bien, Poncho en Jueves, Poncho en Domingo and Mitad y Mitad, from Multimedios, as well as El Club del Italiano, from Televisa Monterrey, which were a hit at the time.
Although his professional life was a success with every project he did, Poncho wanted a woman who could fulfill him on a personal level to start a family, and it was in the same artistic environment where he met the love of his life, Marcela Mistral.
At the beginning of their relationship there was no chemistry between them, but they decided to get married to form a home, since he knew from the first moment he saw her that she would be the mother of his children, and in an original way he asked her to marry him in the weather segment that she hosted in the news program Telediario, of Multimedios.
The wedding was broadcasted live on television, being an event that had a large audience, which was grateful that it had been televised to follow all the steps of the influencer since he began his new stage.

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