Hilario camacho tristeza de amor

The four stars

Walter Heredia (Fernando Hilbeck) also enters the program despite the opposition of Ceferino who considers him corny and who has been recommended by a rich older shareholder with whom Walter seems to have a relationship despite the great age difference.
Throughout the 13 episodes, the different characters relate to each other as they deal in the program with different current issues of the time. Some of them had never been dealt with so directly in a fiction program, such as homosexuality, transsexuality or harassment at work.

Let me hold your hand

«He chose the same day as Elvis to die», commented the journalist and friend, for whom Hilario Camacho was «one of the poets and chroniclers of this town that ceased to be Madrid and was a victim of this city».
Next October, Hilario Camacho was going to release his new album: Una mirada diferente, with which he had met again with the record producer Alain Milhaud, who was the producer of his first album. It is a work that reviews a great part of Hilario Camacho’s career.

The man named it…

Tristeza de amor was one of the few (almost none) series that I have followed in my life.I knew almost nothing of what you put in this post,but it has saddened me,I am really sorry.At least they have left something of great quality behind,which,as such,has been almost forgotten.But some of us remember it.Thank you.Maybe you will never read this comment Cesar,since I discover your blog two years after you left those lines written.I wanted to tell you that I am sorry for all of them,for all of them.I am sorry for all of them,for all of them.
Maybe you will never read this comment Cesar, since I discovered your blog two years after you wrote those lines.I wanted to tell you that I am sorry for all of them, for them because they did not deserve to end up like that being good men, for you because one of them was your brother, and for the others because we lost unique people, great in their own way and that if they had remained among us they would have contributed to make a better world.
Jovialito: fortunately, blogger sends me by e-mail all the new messages I receive in Babel, so I have been able to read your comment.thank you very much, my friend; your words are full of feeling and are comforting, you are a good person. Thanks again 🙂

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It was from the founding act of this group, which took place in November 1967 at the Ramiro de Maeztu Institute in Madrid, when they left the university environment to which they had limited their performances.
In January 1989 he collaborated with El Gran Wyoming, Moncho Alpuente, Joaquín Sabina, Luis Eduardo Aute and Luis Pastor in Todos por el humo, a project that was set up as a protest against what they considered to be excessive protectionism by the State of non-smokers.
He collaborated with the group Cucharada de Manolo Tena, both in live performances and in compositions (Made in USA, No soy formal, the first of them together with Moncho Alpuente and both in the album El limpiabotas que quería ser torero of 1979). He also worked with Martirio and with theater groups.
Some of his best known works are the songs he composed for the animated series David the Gnome and the very famous «Tristeza de Amor», a song that made him reach the mainstream public when it was used by TVE as the title song of the series of the same name (Tristeza de Amor) set in the world of radio.