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Te puede interesar Mueren actores, Jorge Navarro Sánchez y Luis Gerardo Rivera, en ensayo de Sin Miedo a la VerdadThrough his Instagram account he used to post images of the different recordings of his scenes in which most of them highlight the use of weapons. Likewise, another of the actor’s recent projects includes the series «Monarca» which is produced by Salma Hayek who shared credits with Osvaldo Benavides, Juan Manuel Bernal and Irene Azuela.Luis Gerardo Rivera, was another of the victims, who is known to have participated in the series «Sin Miedo a la Verdad».
It is worth mentioning that the actors died during rehearsals of the series «Sin Miedo a la Verdad» after falling from a bridge located in the eastern agricultural neighborhood of the Iztacalco district in Mexico City.  You can also read After the death of two Televisa actors, artists and cybernauts send their condolencesAt the time of the events, producer Ruben Galindo contacted the authorities.

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Esta biografía de una persona viva incluye una lista de referencias, lecturas relacionadas o enlaces externos, pero sus fuentes no están claras porque carece de citas en línea. El material polémico sobre personas vivas que carezca de fuentes o esté mal documentado debe ser eliminado inmediatamente, especialmente si es potencialmente difamatorio o dañino. Por favor, ayude a mejorar este artículo introduciendo citas más precisas. (Agosto de 2018) (Aprende cómo y cuándo eliminar este mensaje de la plantilla)
Jorge Navarro Sánchez (nacido el 3 de febrero de 1996) es un piloto de motociclismo español de Gran Premio. Anteriormente ha competido en la serie FIM CEV Moto3 terminando como subcampeón de Fabio Quartararo en 2014 y en el Campeonato CEV 125GP.

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It was on January 17, 2020 when two actors of ‘Sin Miedo a la Verdad’, Jorge Navarro Sánchez and Luis Gerardo Rivera, lost their lives while filming part of the third season of the series produced with great success by Televisa. While the actors were rehearsing a scene, they accidentally fell from a bridge on a location located in the Agrícola Oriental neighborhood, in the Iztacalco district. In a press release, Grupo Televisa regretted the events and extended its condolences to the families of both actors:
«The production in charge of Rubén Galindo, is attending with the authorities of Mexico City this unfortunate accident, which mourns our house Televisa,» wrote the TV station through a statement released on social networks.
Jorge Navarro Sánchez and Luis Gerardo Rivera, actors of the series ‘Sin Miedo a la Verdad’, died the night of January 16, 2020 when they fell from a bridge on location, reported Televisa. The actor personified ‘Soto’, a corrupt agent, in the series ‘Sin Miedo a la Verdad’. In his Instagram account he used to post pictures of the recordings of his scenes, mostly he appears using weapons. She also participated in the series ‘Monarca’, produced by Salma Hayek. In this series she shared credits with Osvaldo Benavides, Juan Manuel Bernal and Irene Azuela.

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«I inadvertently read part of the investigation file in order to get the address of the accident and then go and put a candle to my loved one, I read something that made me crumble,» writes Barajas.
«How the policeman narrates his encounter with Jorge’s body. To think that out of fear the entire production ran to their homes leaving a dead and wounded man lying there, it tore my soul! But I don’t blame them! I didn’t have the courage to go immediately to meet the lifeless body of my loved one either, since I was alone with my Jorgito and it seemed too hard to take him to the fatal encounter of his father’s death», she narrates.
«That is why I decided to reach an agreement in peace and for the well being of the one we love more than anything in the world, ‘Our beloved son.’ There were months of uncertainty permeated by the pandemic as we did not get an answer of what would correspond to us.»
«But thanks to my civil lawyer and all the media, family and friends who offered to support me at all times by spreading the news. This could be concluded by the month of November. For which I thank the universe for having put me the right people for each movement. I am grateful that the Televisa company accepted its responsibility and took charge of all the expenses for Jorge’s death», external.