Juan soler valentina soler

Juan soler valentina soler

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The firstborn of the Argentine actor has a very good relationship with her father and sisters, and even though they live far away, she shares with them whenever she can.Juan Soler is the proud father of three daughters and enjoys sharing with them a lot. On his Instagram account you can see several pictures of him with the loves of his life.
SHARING IN FAMILYIn several images posted on Juan’s Instagram profile in July 2014, Valentina can be seen enjoying wonderful family moments together with her father, Maki and her younger sisters.  The family visited Universal Studios park in Orlando, Florida, where they took cute pictures together.

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For the moment, the Argentinean-born actor has not made any statements about this happy news; however, congratulations have been showered on social networks for the pregnancy of his eldest daughter, who shared a beautiful postcard to announce that a baby will soon arrive in her life.
«I remember what I felt the moment I knew you were there, uncontrollable urge to cry from happiness, I couldn’t even think. You arrived at a rare, unknown moment and, I think it couldn’t have been more perfect,» the young woman expressed on social networks.
Valentina Soler is the actor’s eldest daughter and is the product of a previous relationship Soler had, before marrying actress Macky Moguilevsky. The young woman has been much more discreet compared to Victoria and Mía, the actor’s younger daughters.
Despite the distance, both try to find time to meet, as can be seen in the social networks of Juan’s eldest daughter; and she even has an excellent relationship with her father’s ex-wife, «Maky».

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«To my princess. I remember what I felt the moment I knew you were there, uncontrollable urge to cry from happiness that I couldn’t even think about. You arrived in a rare, unknown moment and, I think it couldn’t have been more perfect,» Valentina Soler wrote on her Instagram account.
«I couldn’t be more proud of the daddy who touched you, who I know is going to give his life to be the best he can be. We love you princess and we wait impatiently for you. Daddy and mommy,» Valentina concludes on Instagram.
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Mexico City, Jun 15 (EFE) – Argentine actor Juan Soler is leading the celebration of Father’s Day with the program «Qué miembros tan padres» (What fathers are so many), which celebrates the little recognized male labor of being a present father.
«Being a father is a very little paid activity, one makes preparations of mariachis, dinner and party for Mother’s Day and when Father’s Day arrives you find yourself with a pair of socks, pajamas, a kiss and let’s go,» the naturalized Mexican actor told Efe.
«The producer’s idea was like coming to a friend’s house to talk about children and fatherhood. It’s going to be a fun gathering of true friends who admire and love each other,» says Juan, who will be in charge of the grill and the food.
Soler bears the same name as his father and is proud to represent him now that he is gone. He learned from his father that love is shown with actions and this is something he has put into practice with his family.