Piropos de amor cortos

Piropos para hombres

To flirt well, the first thing you have to do is not to take yourself too seriously. Take advantage of humor and use it to get closer to others, because laughter is one of the best aphrodisiacs that exist. If you are able to make the person you like laugh… you’ve already won almost everything… With these funny phrases to flirt you can break the ice and seduce whoever you want… just don’t overdo it and don’t make yourself heavy. Start strong but let the rest come naturally!
Yes, we know it may seem ridiculous, but aren’t all pick-up lines? That’s what it’s all about! Make that special person laugh and make it clear, at the same time, how interesting you think it is. In this other article we propose some funny, funny and funny love phrases also ideal for flirting.
This is a very funny phrase. One of the best you’ll find to break the ice, as it is an ideal phrase to leave that person in awe. Of course, it is a different way to start a conversation with someone, right?

Bold compliments

Traditionally, men were the ones who complimented women to get closer to them, however, times have changed and they too can take a first step with attention-grabbing compliments for men. If you feel like bringing out your funniest side, these funny compliments for men will help you do it…
Compliments are timeless and never go out of style, but if you want to succeed, you won’t find a more current and funny compliment than this one. What better statement of intent than to confess to that special person that with it, you would even enjoy another confinement… we continue with some great funny compliments for men!
One of our favorite funny compliments for women! And it’s not only a perfect choice if the recipient of the phrase is named Macarena, but since there is no person on earth who is not familiar with this song, it’s a winning compliment for everyone.Here are some other funny and funny love phrases!

Compliments for women

If you were looking for romantic love compliments to conquer a woman or a man who drives you crazy, here is a list of the best ones you will find on the net. The compliments can be funny, honest and very original, so if you want to make that special person smile… don’t miss them! Discover the best love compliments, funny compliments, nice compliments and original compliments for both women and men. Which one do you choose?
One of our favorite love compliments is this one, because even if you are not a good poet, it is in your hands to use some of the great verses of history to inspire you. In the following article you will find short and romantic love poems.

Dirty compliments

The compliments for provocative men can be subtle, like this one here. If you consider yourself a romantic person, these words are ideal to break the ice and start a more serious conversation with someone you are just getting to know… we also suggest these love hints.
Humor is the key to flirting; if you want to impress someone, nothing better than to bring out your funniest side and start a conversation with some funny compliments for men. These are some of our favorites!
Among the funny compliments for men that we like the most, this one is ideal for the party animals, start the night off on the right foot with this compliment! In addition, we propose you these party phrases to keep the evening going.
Do you blush easily? If the answer is no, we leave you with these compliments for daring men, ideal options to start strong and make an unforgettable impression on that person you are so interested in? Are you ready?