Rafael amor no me llames extranjero

Don’t call me foreigner, by rafael amor

I could not avoid the memory of how many times I and my family have been called and have been called foreigners. Because we were «apatridas». When I heard Alberto Cortés reciting this poem by Rafael Amor I could not repress the urge to upload it to the blog. And what better than to this Citizen of the World. My heart is wide, without borders thanks to the fact that I have lived with many different cultures, and as I have said many times before, this contact has only enriched me as a person. I hope that all people find that the Blue Planet is their home, the home of all of us who inhabit it.

Rafael amor – don’t call me a foreigner

In 1976 he wrote «No me llames extranjero», an invitation to reflect on the migrant condition that, unfortunately, is still in force. He himself explained the origin of this song in an introduction that appeared in the album «El Cantavidas» (Factoría Autor, 2008) that we reproduce here.
I don’t know if I was already entitled to it or if it was because of the influence of that poem that they gave me the residency. Maybe they thought: «This guy is going to keep bombarding us with these things, we have to give it to him so that he stops fucking around»; or maybe they were moved by those words…, it could be anything.

Don’t call me a foreigner

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To talk about Rafael Amor is to talk about his comments and anecdotes of his reflections on the present, always based on the recent past, which never loses its relevance, because talking about the freedom of those who are going through the worst, of immigrants, of poverty, of those invisible people who pass by our side, is always topical, even though the good order and supposed mental cleanliness leads us to see it as something residual.
Rafael Amor is a singer-songwriter who not only lives from his past songs, but one of those who reinvents himself at all times, able to talk about globalization, new technologies, the all powerful G8 and so on, without forgetting the melodious «Laura» and «Violeta».

Don’t call me foreigner – rafael amor en vivo

A few days ago I had a very brief conversation on the Internet with a stranger, very nice by the way, about a current topic that I talked about recently in another article, sexual assaults. He inundated me with statistics that most of the sexual assaults in Europe are perpetrated by foreigners, mainly Muslims. I don’t doubt that. I don’t doubt the statistics although as is known and as someone once told me there are lies, big lies and statistics. Right.
It may be that most of the sexual assaults we were talking about, especially in Germany which was where those statistics came from, are committed by Muslims who are not foreigners there by the way, all things considered. But that does not mean anything. In the conversation, brief as I said, I argued that here many sexual assaults are perpetrated for example in the Sanfermines or in other popular celebrations, not by foreigners but by boys from home who surely are, their parents think so, very good kids.