Ine san pedro de los pinos

Ine san pedro de los pinos

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On this page you will find detailed information on how to carry out the following procedures at the INE module in Álvaro Obregón. Registration, correction of data, change of address, replacement, reprinting, re-registration, replacement of expiration dates, notification of the death of a citizen, issuance of voter registration cards, registration in the electoral roll, litigation for the protection of the right to vote politically, requests for access to personal data in the electoral roll and processing of voter registration cards in special cases of reduced mobility. Select the following processes on this page

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It is an important service center in which the tertiary sector has succeeded its former condition of agricultural exporter par excellence, thanks to its famous and fertile orchard, for which it was known as the Orchard of Europe. Among its most important industries are the food, textile, chemical, distillation and manufacture of furniture and construction materials, many of them located in the West Industrial Park, considered one of the largest in the peninsula[6] (shared with the municipality of Alcantarilla).
The pre-Islamic origin, probably Latin, seems the most logical, although it is not known for sure what is the first root, and there are many hypotheses that are ventured. The most widespread at present is already stated by Francisco Cascales in his Discursos históricos de la muy noble y muy leal ciudad de Murcia published in 1621,[15][16].
Although the evolution of the word proposed by Cascales is discarded, the fact is that the toponym Murcia was used by the Romans, being as the author says the name of a primitive divinity that had a temple in the valley located between the Aventine and Palatine hills[16] in the same city of Rome, it is believed that the name of the goddess is related to the Latin myrtus, with the meaning of myrtle, evolving to Myrtea/Murtea/Murcia.

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It is worth mentioning that the inhabitants of the municipality of San Jose Chiapa will be vaccinated at the Training Center (CERHAN) of the company AUDI, and for this purpose the automaker will have – free of charge – vehicles in the main square to transport them from 07:30 hours, during the three days of the day.
Likewise, the authorities recommend the population to respect the established guidelines such as: DAY according to the initial letter of the first surname, TIME according to the age of the person who comes to request the biological and PLACE, so that people who will receive the second dose should go to the same units where they received the first.

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Although officially on March 31 the first stage of the organization of the Election Day concludes, in what corresponds to District 02 of the National Electoral Institute (INE) with head office in San Pedro, since days ago this process was completed.
He added that fortunately there is an excellent response from the citizens to participate in the process of next June 6, which facilitates to have an optimal advance in the organization of the voting.
He specified that according to INE requirements, there must be a minimum of nine officials for each polling place and a maximum of 15, but in this district there are at least 12 people per polling place already considered to participate; that is to say, there are 10,919 citizens who meet the requirements to be entrusted with such function.
The INE representative highlighted that the mood of the citizens in the preparations for the day is very positive, since even Coahuila, together with Aguascalientes and Campeche, are in the first places with satisfactory results.