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Supermerk2 – the bin

It also shows how the shredder and frame were assembled in the artist’s studio and new images from the auction, including a piece showing the pressing of the button that activated the shredder.
Asked how it is possible that he did not see the double width of the frame or detect the weight of the shredder, he replied, «You deal with what you see, it was more like a sculpture. If it says the frame is essential, you don’t separate it.»
«So you could say that the installation piece of an empty frame on the wall, with the shredded canvas underneath, would in fact have had a higher value than what is considered an incomplete work glued to the frame,» he added.

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We do know something of his appearance since we were able to see him in a documentary entitled «Exit through the gift store», but he appears hooded and with a distorted voice so it is impossible to recognize him. The documentary is difficult to classify, it tries to delve a little into the so-called «street art», however, it is very interesting.
All his works are linked to a certain place, in such a way that the location of Banksy’s work is completely linked to the message he wants to convey.    For example, this work on the wall of Bethlehem.
In fact, Banksy has on his website a hotel project built next to the wall in Bethlehem. The hotel is full of works of Palestinian artists, you can take a tour through this link but …. sure the reader will not like the views, as all overlook the separation wall. Banksy, denounces the situation by putting the viewer in front of a duality difficult to understand: A luxurious place, full of art worth millions, next to a gray wall, with security cameras.

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Since then and to date, it has brought together more than 180 galleries and buyers from all over the world in an unparalleled carousel of commercial operations, of which no one knows for sure what the real amount is, due to the secrecy with which the participating galleries operate the purchases of their collectors.
The buyer of the piece, who remains anonymous, declared: «At first I was shocked; but gradually I began to realize that I would end up having my own piece of art history…».
And in the face of the astonishing fact the question arises: Who is Banksy? Banksy or The Guerrilla Artist is the pseudonym of a street artist -or possibly a collective of artists- whose identity is still unknown, although Queen Mary University of London identifies him as Robin Gunningham, born in the city of Bristol, England.
He is the most representative artist of the so-called Street Art, which emerged in the streets of New York and is characterized as an expression made in urban spaces that uses walls and walls, trains or buses to make their works of art.

Stop motion – in search of true love

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