Agatha paris sara carbonero


In this new delivery of jewelry that Sara Carbonero has created for Agatha Paris, they wanted to highlight four interconnected concepts in which the words take on a very special meaning. The woman, the origin, the pearls and the word that inspired the entire collection: ‘ALWAYS’.
Following in the wake of Agatha by Sara’s previous collections, minimalism and elegance are the predominant lines. This invites to mix several of the elements and the versatility of each of the jewels makes them perfect for any occasion. Some of the materials that we will find are the zircons, the 18 karat gold finish or pearls are the great protagonists.These are some of our favorite jewels of the ‘Always’ collection of Sara Carbonero for Agatha Paris:
‘Ciam’ chain solidarity bracelet, from the Agatha by Sara collection (45 €). This collection of Sara Carbonero for Agatha Paris, also has a ‘Red Carpet’ line, designed for special occasions. They are spectacular pieces with a lot of personality, which will attract all eyes and star perfect looks to shine ‘Always’.

Agatha by sara carbonero

Currently on sale, the collection ‘Always’ collects, as Sara herself has explained in her social networks, jewelry full of meanings, words, memories and symbols. As the firm explains, it is «a true ode to the jewelry closet background where the expression less is more makes more sense than ever».
A great idea if you are looking for a special jewel to make a self gift or if you want to have a detail with the women in your life. Perfect to play to maximize and combine with other jewelry, we like them because they have a lot of meaning. As the brand says, «they exude femininity and strength».

Agatha by sara

How long does a ‘forever’ last? Forever is not that long. «As the rabbit in «Alice in Wonderland» (Lewis Carroll, 1865) said, sometimes forever is just an instant. But I do believe in the eternity of things, especially those things that make us feel. We may not remember a place or a person, but we never forget how they made us feel». Who speaks is Sara Carbonero, who has just presented with the jewelry brand Agatha Paris a collection of necklaces, earrings and rings called, how could it be otherwise, ‘Always’.
We let it be herself who tells us what is the idea and the concept behind this collaboration. «The idea was to create a very wearable and versatile collection that, as the name suggests, can be worn forever without getting tired. They are pieces that are a bit timeless and, in general, minimalist.» They continue, it is clear from the journalist’s words, with the philosophy of ‘less is more’ that they already started in their first collaboration.

Mimar – agatha by sara carbonero

I don’t think I’m discovering anything new if I tell you that Sara Carbonero has an amazing style. There is a reason why she is one of the most influential it-girls of the moment. The journalist creates trends with everything she wears and everything she creates. Her fashion brand goes like a shot and the collections she creates for Agatha by Sara (her little corner in the jewelry firm Agatha Paris) sweep season after season.
Color is the protagonist of these new pieces, which undoubtedly continue to breathe the universe that Sara Carbonero has devised for her collection: a journey through interconnected universes in which words take on a very special meaning.
The beads in coral, turquoise, aqua green or white tones take us to the most summery landscapes and appear in earrings, bracelets and necklaces with details full of meaning that we can combine to create looks full of style and personality.