Alex and friends temporada 1

Alex and friends temporada 1

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Who Killed Sara is now available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the season 1 finale, read on! Alex Guzman and his sister Sara are on this boat with their friends, Rodolfo Lazcano and his brother Jose Maria. Sara and Rodolfo are dating. They are all having fun.
Sara gets on a platform to paraglide, but while she is up there, her harness starts to break. Alex tells the Lazcans to slow down, but they speed up. Finally, the harness breaks and Sara plunges into the water. Alex jumps in to save her, but it’s too late – here’s the plot of the Netflix series Who Killed Sara story! If you want to know when the second season will be released, read this. Otherwise, read on and we’ll tell you more!
At the end of season 1 of Who Killed Sara, we find out what happened the day Sara was killed. And Rodolfo and Elise realize the extent of their father’s savagery as they watch the video of Flor’s murder. Elise confronts her father, calling him a murderer of women. For once we see the regret and sadness on Don Cesar’s face when his daughter tells him that she never wants to be near him again. This is the first time in the series that it appears that Don Cesar is not responsible for Sara’s death.

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Summer is over and Alex’s parents announce that they are moving to the United States. Alex is not happy and, together with his older brother Joe and his friends, will try to do everything possible to stay. Meanwhile, a new school year begins at Melsher High School and the band is looking forward to spending time together. The band will decide to participate in The Talent, a talent show where they can win a record deal and a European tour, but they will have to compete against The Lindas, Linda’s band and her friends.
No. TitleWriter(s)Duration10. “I Am Nobody” (Leonardo Cecchi) Gaetano Cappa3:0511. “So Far Yet So Close” (Beatrice Vendramin, Riccardo Alemanni) Gaetano Cappa3:0812. “The Magic Of Love” (Leonardo Cecchi) Federica Camba, Daniele Coro & Enrico Sibilla3:3613. “Welcome To Your Show” (Leonardo Cecchi, Eleonora Gaggero, Beatrice Vendramin, Saul Nanni & Federico Russo) Federica Camba, Daniele Coro & Enrico Sibilla3:1714. “I Can See The Stars” (Leonardo Cecchi, Eleonora Gaggero, Beatrice Vendramin, Saul Nanni & Federico Russo) Fabrizio Campanelli3:3915. “The Strawberry Place” (Leonardo Cecchi, Eleonora Gaggero, Beatrice Vendramin, Saul Nanni & Federico Russo) Fabrizio Campanelli3:58.

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The main character and his friends will have no choice but to find an alternative way to express their talent and creativity. Little by little, one of the best-known gangs in the Disney universe takes shape and the adventures and misadventures they experience in their social routine are narrated.
In addition to the special, Alex & Friends derived in a movie that was released in 2016 based on the protagonists and under the name Come diventare grandi nonostande i genitori, as well as a spin-off known as Penny in M.A.R.S., which collects the adventures of Penny and Camilla, sporadic characters in the original fiction.
The cast is full of young Italian artists such as Leonardo Cecchi (Tini: Violetta’s big change), Eleonora Gaggero (Scomparsa), Beatrice Vendramin (Non dirlo al mio capo), Saul Nanni (Un boss in salotto), Roberto Citran (Hotel Rwanda), Debora Villa (Matrimonio al sud), Giulia Guerrini (Bia), Lucrezia Roberta Di Michele (Amore pensaci tu).

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What happened with Marifer? she was the one who tried to cut the ropes that led to Sara’s accident. That day at the lake the two had a heated argument. An unstable Sara told Marifer that she hoped her family would die. So how did Marifer respond? By trying to murder her best friend.
‘Who Killed Sara?’: ending explainedThe final moments of Who Killed Sara? focus on Nicandro (Martin Saracho), one of Alex and Rodolfo’s friends that day. While reviewing a file, he told an unnamed doctor that everyone now thinks Marifer killed Sara and that it must stay that way.Why? Because Nicandro and this doctor were responsible. It’s hard to know what’s going on right now, but it looks like Sara was part of some test or study. Did her test go wrong and that’s what led to her death? Or did it go right? Either way, this mystery just moved to a whole new, creepy level.And after this…will there be season 3?
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