Atrapados temporada 2 movistar

Atrapados temporada 2 movistar

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As what happened spreads through the residents the police link the torso to someone aboard the ferry, things begin to turn chaotic as ferry passengers and town residents realize that a possible suspect and killer is trapped alongside them in town. As the investigation progresses they discover that the murdered man was never aboard the ferry.
Andri and his team begin to receive help from former chief police officer Hrafn Eysteinsson, while politician Friðrik Davíðsson tries to convince the residents to sell their land, but is met with a strong refusal from Guðmundur, who warns Hrafn about the likelihood of an avalanche, so he decides to lay dynamite to try to remove the snow safely, however his son Sigurður Gudmundsson and Andri try to stop him, but they do not succeed and Gudmundsur manages to detonate the bomb, at first it seems that the explosion went well but a second avalanche begins which causes Gudmundsur to suffer heart failure and die, finally the avalanche causes the village to lose power temporarily.

Trapped season 2

Movistar+ Seriesmania premieres the 2nd season of Trapped, the Icelandic series directed by Baltasar Kormákur (Everest, 101 Reykjavik) that has triumphed in Europe achieving audiences in the millions. This season we know the side of «the old Iceland», the inhabitants who still believe in their own Nordic mythologies, the shepherds and farmers, people who have been forged in the villages and do not connect with the progress of the cities.  Framed in the so-called nordic noir, Trapped exhibits an intense and claustrophobic beauty in which murders, human trafficking, corruption, mistreatment and, above all, human dramas played by flesh and blood characters trapped in a remote Icelandic village are mixed.

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There are few series that, after only one first season, become classics. In unavoidable references to understand the imagery of a country or a historical moment. And yet, the success and the skill with which Trapped presented its refomulation of the nordic noir, make it today an unmissable event for lovers of the subgenre, but also for those who want to know what is brewing in fiction built beyond the borders of Central Europe.
A man takes the island’s minister of industry and economy hostage, turning her act into a scenario that keeps the whole country on edge. But no matter how hard the police try to control the situation and keep the eyes away, there is no way to catch the air of change that is coming. The kidnapper ends up setting himself and his hostage on fire at the very gates of parliament.
He will soon discover that the idyllic postcard that the breathtaking landscape presents hides the rawness of many rather corrupt realities. Andri struggles against his demons as he witnesses the local inhabitants chewing with discontent over plans to expand a geothermal power plant in the area.

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In December comes the second season of this icy Icelandic thriller, with new episodes every week. This time Andri Ólaffson, chief inspector of the Reykjavik police, faces a controversial case that takes him to rural Iceland.It all starts when a man takes the minister of industry and economy hostage and sets himself on fire next to her at the gates of parliament. The investigation of the shocking incident takes Andri to a remote valley in the north of Iceland. Behind the breathtaking scenery, the reality is rather bitter. Plans for the expansion of a geothermal power plant in the area have provoked serious discontent among local farmers. In fact, the message of a far-right group called «Thor’s Hammer» is getting through to the farmers. Tension mounts until one of the plant foremen is brutally murdered.
Trapped was the most watched Icelandic thriller of 2017 internationally: followed by 86% of Icelandic viewers. Over 1.2 million viewers on BBC Four in the UK and over 5.7 million for the first two episodes in France.It stars actor Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) and actress Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir (Giant Heart).The 10 new episodes are once again directed by Icelandic filmmaker Baltasar Kormákur (Everest, Contraband, 101 Reykjavik).