Barcelona no tenim por

Barcelona no tenim por

Barcelona, no tenim por

On February 15, 2003, hundreds of thousands of Catalans filled the center of Barcelona in one of the most multitudinous demonstrations of the 500 that were called that day all over the world. Their ‘no’ to the war resounded in Aznar’s Moncloa and the echo was not less in the international media.
That is how this city is. And that is how it should continue to be if it does not want to stop being Barcelona. With its contradictions, like most capitals, with difficulties to manage the tourist siege, with the permanent and sometimes justified comparison with Madrid? This is Barcelona, today hurt and dismayed, but open like few others.

Catalonia one voice – no tenim por (no tenemos miedo)

Foto de archivo – Páginas con mensajes de paz incluyendo el lema catalán ‘No tenim por’ (‘No tenemos miedo’) en las Ramblas de Barcelona, España, 19 de agosto de 2017. Varias personas murieron y otras resultaron heridas en un atentado terrorista en la popular calle de Las Ramblas de Barcelona el 17 de agosto de 2017. Foto: Matthias Balk/dpa. – Barcelona/Cataluña/España
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Barcelona no té por (feat. alex casademunt )

17A; surely, like many of those present there, there had to be an endless number of exceptionalities for my wife Alicia and I to be involved in this event of terror on that Thursday in August.
Nobody in there imagined an attack, we thought that a serious accident had occurred, but the expressions of the girls were expressions of total fright and horror… I approach the door of the bar
I call my mother and I catch her seconds before taking off from the Iberia flight on the way to Madrid, I tell her that we are fine and she hangs up. Then she tells me that the whole plane had heard about the attack and that if she hadn’t received my call she doesn’t know how she would have survived that half day in the sky.
Photography is my passion. I take risks, I often get up before dawn, but during those hours it was different. In that interval, the protagonist was the world turned upside down, the uncertainty generated by living something as unexpected as it was incomprehensible and the concern for what would be happening out there for those who had been touched by it more closely. I didn’t feel comfortable assuming a constant recording posture even though I knew the importance it could have later on. I took out my professional camera after almost two hours of confinement and my first shot with it was a photo of Plaza Catalunya perhaps as it had never been seen before: without people and entirely conquered by Pablo Picasso’s symbol of peace, the pigeons.

Uh, oh, no tinc por! / por a parlar en públic / por to speak in public

In addition to thousands of people, all the forces of the Catalan political arc have been present in a concentration of repulsion to which have also attended political representatives of the state level, such as Pedro Sanchez, Albert Rivera, and Pablo Iglesias.
The main point of concentration has been located at the Canaletas fountain, which has become a large altar full of shows of support, although piles of flowers and candles are replicated along Las Ramblas, mainly at those points where some victim died.