Cancion donde esta la mosca

Cancion donde esta la mosca

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1999 single de Shakira «Moscas en la Casa «Single de Shakiradel álbum ¿Dónde Están los Ladrones?Lanzamiento10 de diciembre de 1999 (1999-12-10)Grabado1998; Crescent Moon Studios (Miami, Florida)GéneroPop LatinoDuración3:31SelloSony LatinCompositor(es)Shakira[1]Productor(es)Shakira cronología de los singles
«Moscas en la Casa» es una balada pop latina escrita e interpretada por la cantante colombiana Shakira, lanzada como sexto sencillo oficial de su álbum multiplatino de 1998 Dónde están los ladrones?
En la canción, Shakira explica la tristeza que siente tras una relación rota y cómo se ha dejado llevar, mientras sigue esperando que él vuelva. Fue un single sólo para la radio, no se rodó ningún vídeo para la canción.

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In the song, Shakira explains the feeling of sadness that a failed sentimental relationship leaves her with, how the days are without her partner and how she has abandoned herself while still waiting for her ex-partner to come back to her.
Shakira ended up admitting that the songs «Moscas en la casa» and «Que vuelvas» were left over from her relationship with actor Osvaldo Rios. «The first one I wrote in Brazil in the wonderful time of love, when there are only virtues and no defects are seen, and the second one I composed when I discovered that it was necessary to cry over a dead person, when love is pale and sick; it was the twilight of the relationship.»

Cañita brava

The Argentinean band La Mosca Tse Tse found more than two decades ago the formula to make spite less painful and to make fun of it. The song Para no verte más from the 1999 album Vísperas de Carnaval was an absolute hit in Latin America and opened the door for the band to take their rumba proposal all over the world.
The video clip is a comedy piece that after two decades continues to accumulate millions of plays on platforms like Youtube, «the original idea, which I think is understood within the video, is a jilted lover who is invisibly present on his ex’s first date with his new love. We made it a bit of a parody so that’s why they don’t see me in the video and I ruin their dinner, I spill their wine, I contaminate their food, I make her burn the chicken, the turkey in the oven, all so that she has a failure on her first date. In other words, it’s a rebound song, what happens is that we gave it a fun and comedic tone,» Guillermo concludes.

Cancion donde esta la mosca 2020

If we talk about a band that knew how to combine ska very well with different styles such as cumbia, merengue, tango, pop, alternative rock and salsa, we have to mention this band from Ramallo formed in 1995: La Mosca Tsé-Tsé. The first steps of the group were taken when Damas Gratis disbanded in 1995 and Fernando Castro (who was the drummer and one of the original founders of La Reggae & Roll Band), invited Guillermo Novellis (an electrical technician who had recently left his profession) to play guitar, and then they all started looking for a vocalist. Since they couldn’t find one, Pablo Chivia Tisera, one of the trumpet players, proposed that Guillermo be the singer of the new line-up, who of course, accepted immediately.