Carlos marco tu cara me suena

Carlos marco tu cara me suena

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Carlos Marco has to be on ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 8’. It is not the phrase that the jury told him last night, as it is said to each and every one of the guests who pass through the program, unless they are Ares Teixidó and his performance requires a huge use of autotune and post-production even if he puts «live voice». It is a fact that after last night’s performance, the potential that this guy has in the program is to exploit it.
The work of art also had its star moment, which could not be other than the blessed orange cloth with which Soraya tried to surprise Europe, playing the role of Millennial El Mago Pop, and that Carlos Marco used to crawl around the stage, as if it were the chart run of ‘Universe In Me’, causing the jury to burst out laughing and Soraya ended up sitting on the floor of the set. Afterwards, she gestured her intensity as if nothing had happened.
From the first movements of the choreography to the final falsetto, this performance was the most spectacular of the edition, in terms of guests, along with Fauxla Indigo’s last week. The night was undoubtedly for Carlos Marco, with whom, if they don’t pull a Brays Efe, they could be a smash hit in the next batch of programs.

Lola índigo tu cara me suena

This week, Anabel Alonso will play Massiel. Jordi Coll will have to study Antonio Vega’s movements very well. Manu Sánchez will get into the skin of Bertín Osborne. Brays Efe will have to convince the jury with his interpretation of Eminem.
This week, José Corbacho will share the stage with Lucía Gil, former contestant of Tu cara me suena, to get into the skin of and Eva Simons. Another returning to the program is Ruth Lorenzo, who will get on the cloner with Carlos Baute to be Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.
In addition, the program will have Carlos Marco as a special guest this week. The former member of Auryn will get into the skin of Soraya Arnelas, contestant of this edition, to interpret the song that the singer performed at Eurovision.

Roko tu cara me suena

The final stretch of the eighth edition of Tu cara me suena starts this Sunday on Antena 3. The talent show returns with new installments in which the winner of the current edition will be decided. Mario Vaquerizo, Belinda Washington, El Monaguillo, Rocío Madrid, Cristina Ramos, María Isabel, Nerea Rodríguez, Jorge González and Gemeliers are the ones who have missed the most to get back into the skin of well-known national and international artists. The contestants of the eighth edition of the program will again go through the cloner to try to crown the top of the ranking of scores.
Tu cara me suena, a safe bet for Antena 3The format produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Gestmusic swept the audience with its first installments of the season, with an average share of 20.2% and close to 2.7 million viewers. A safe card for Antena 3, which thus recovers one of the best assets it has on the grid to compete with rival channels.


The fifth edition of Tu cara me suena already has a winner. The singer Blas Cantó won with his great interpretation of the song «¿Y cómo es él? by Marc Anthony, becoming the first man to win in the five editions of this contest.
For the final gala, the contestants had the opportunity to choose the song they would perform. Blas explained why he chose «Y cómo es él»: «I love Marc Anthony, but I had never thought of imitating him. But one day I was in the car, and Y cómo es él? came on and I got very excited, my hair stood on end. So it was more emotional than premeditated», he revealed.
This same Friday, Blas released his single In your bed, which has received a great reception from the singer’s followers. «For me, the great triumph is that on the day of the final my song comes out, it’s a gift. And to start my career with this song is a blessing,» he told us.  It begins, as he himself said, a new stage for Blas Cantó. And, for the moment, it couldn’t have started better.