Celtas cortos la cabaña del turmo

Celtas cortos la cabaña del turmo

Route: parking estós to cabaña del turmo

Along with all these familiar faces, in the video clip also appear those who for society have become the real heroes of this pandemic: health workers, Red Cross volunteers, police officers, farmers, ranchers, employees of supermarkets and tobacconists.
But a website was also set up to make donations and you could contribute to the cause by sending an SMS with the word «NoNosPodranParar» to 28033. The 1.20 euros of the cost of the message went directly to the fight against the coronavirus.

«a la cabaña del turmo» (valle de estós-huesca) 2019.

«As we signed up for a bombing, we did not think! We were recorded by a customer and friend in the pharmacy in a quiet moment and Martucho brought the bagpipe to put the seal made in Galicia», specifies José Rivas, who is the second generation of this Sarriana family of pharmacists along with his sisters.
«We are very happy because it has been great to be able to do our bit and it has also been a way of reminding people that, whatever happens, the green light of the pharmacy does not go out,» concludes Rivas.

Celtas cortos – april 20th (with amaral)

Under the hashtag #NoNosPodránParar, the video was a tour of that social skeleton that kept us all on our feet in such hard times. Since then, a verse engraved with fire like «there is almost no one left from before, and those who are there, have changed» took on a new meaning. If we all unite, we will have changed for the better. After some time, with the accumulated desire to return to a certain normality and less to relive the joint drama, the song recovers its nostalgic essence. The one that connects the romantic spirit, well before the Tinder era, of those who were or felt young on a day like April 20, 90.
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Back to the turmo cabin

From the private studios of their homes, the members of the group have re-recorded their biggest hit with artists such as Mikel Izal, Rozalén, Amaral, Carlos Tarque, Ska-P, Sidonie, La Pegatina, Reincidentes or Despistaos among others.
In addition to these well-known faces, others appear: those of hospital workers, Red Cross workers, police officers, farmers and stockbreeders, supermarket and tobacconist employees, in short, to «give visibility to those who are on the front line».
«What we have considered doing is to row all in the same direction to help each other and make the brotherhood of the planet bigger», confesses Cifuentes, who defends culture as «an open window to confinement».
To the melancholy of the memories of that 1990 and the rejection of the current economic and health catastrophe is added learning about family, relationships and love. «The pot sometimes generates more pressure than it should, but when it reaches its limit, the valve opens and everything ends in an embrace,» he says of the day-to-day life in confinement with his family.