Dorsal 23 real madrid

Dorsal 23 real madrid

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The 1 was reserved for the best goalkeeper in the club’s history, and for us the best of all time. Casillas wore it in 14 of the 16 seasons he was at Real Madrid and never ceased to add to his legend2. Carvajal
Here the dispute is very close with Fernando Hierro, but in the end we give the privilege to the camero. He is one of the club’s most famous players, one of those who has won the most titles and played the most games for Real Madrid.5. Zidane
The 13 has always been assigned to a substitute goalkeeper, but not in this case. For what he did at the club and how emblematic he became under the white goalposts, the best with this dorsal has been Paco Buyo. He had both level as a goalkeeper and character as a person.  14. Guti
We put Solari before Luis Enrique because of his loyalty to the club once he finished his time as a player. Despite not being a starter, he always gave a great performance whenever he came on the field and was proclaimed champion in Glasgow of the Ninth Champions League.22. Di María

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The first leg ended in a 0-0 draw at Para Uno and, in addition to the win, a goalless draw will qualify the French side. Only a defeat will keep them out. A 0-0 draw will extend the match to penalties.
Meanwhile, William Mendieta receives his first call-up in Copa Libertadores after his return to the Franjeado and the one who leaves his place is Ramón Sosa, who was not taken into account for Thursday’s game.
The Argentine club Boca Juniors published a harsh statement through its social networks after the shameful day that took place on Tuesday night in Belo Horizonte, during and after the game against Atlético Mineiro for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores.
«Nor can we overlook the fact that the highest authority of Club Atlético Mineiro has been inciting violent and threatening expressions for several days until reaching the unfortunate events in which our players, coaching staff and directors were physically injured, who had to be delayed for more than 12 hours in unfortunate situations in order not to break the sanitary bubble,» he said.

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Luis de la Fuente’s national team did not get off to the best start at the Olympic Games. The Egyptians played a very tough game and the goals did not come. In addition, bad feelings due to injuries to Mingueza and Ceballos.
The comparisons between the senior national team and the Olympic team have been made during all these days and the truth is that despite the fact that both teams started with a draw, the feelings are not the same: «In the end it will be a struggle for survival. If you have bad luck and two players get injured, the hill gets much steeper. There is a big difference. In Luis Enrique’s worst games the problem is one of accuracy, not soccer. Today we have not generated as we did in the Eurocup. We lack freshness and spark. We have to shake the cocktail shaker. Beyond names, we need people who are in better condition,» said Miguel Martín Talavera.
Roberto Trashorras asked for a greater involvement of the top players to achieve a medal: «It’s a great team. There are very talented people on the bench as well. There is a lack of liveliness and spark. At times it seemed like it and the performance of the top players has not been as expected. As soon as they recover their physical tone, they are top players and very few teams will be able to compete with them».

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The ones that seem the clearest to guess are those of two loan signings – Martin Odegaard and Luka Jovic. It was seen in the friendly against Rangers that both recovered the dorsal numbers they had released when they went on loan last January. The Norwegian returned to wear ’21’ and the Serbian ’18’. It is expected that they will keep them if they are still in the team for the start of the season.
It was only for one game and he didn’t even wear it in the match, but Mbappé was ready to take the field with it. It was on January 19, 2020 in a cup match and the reason he didn’t wear his ‘7’ is that in this competition they are distributed from ‘1’ to ’11’ among the starting players and from 12 to 20 among the substitutes. Kylian started the match on the bench… and stayed there.