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A new ‘clásico’ is coming up, the first leg of the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona this Wednesday at 22:00, and RNE’s ‘Radiogaceta de los deportes’ with José Luis Toral, spoke with the former striker of the Madrid team between 1985 and 1992, the Mexican Hugo Sánchez. The now coach commented that «these matches are especially difficult because of what they represent. It’s an early final. And this tie is somewhat dramatic because it is a two-legged tie». The former Real Madrid striker believes that the idol of the fans these days, Cristiano Ronaldo, should be cared for and even pampered by everyone in the White House. «Cristiano Ronaldo must be pampered. He must be cared for and pampered. Cristiano’s character was already known, so no one should be surprised. He has always been like that, as is the coach. Cristiano’s goals should bring him into the same harmony that people have with the coach», concluded Hugo Sánchez on ‘Radiogaceta de los Deportes’.

The javis spain

Zamora, Aug 19 (EFE) – Members of the agricultural organizations COAG and UPA have received Thursday with whistles and shouts of «wolf no, people yes» to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Moran, as a way to visualize their discomfort with the new status that is intended to give the wolf as a protected species north of the Duero.
About thirty agricultural trade unionists have shown at the gates of the Subdelegation of the Government in Zamora a banner that read ‘Less wolves, more farmers’ and has shown loudly their discomfort with the intentions regarding the wolf of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.
The agricultural organizations have maintained their protest for more than half an hour until they have obtained the commitment of the Subdelegation of the Government in Zamora that the Secretary of State would receive them at the end of the meeting convened with the municipalities affected by the emptying of the Ricobayo reservoir (Zamora).
In this regard, he stressed that it is first necessary to draw up a census of the current population of canids and then approve a management plan to control the population and prevent it from spreading uncontrolled.

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The Andalusian actress was moved when talking about the shooting and the experience of sharing sequences with Nadia de Santiago, actress known for her role as Asunción in the soap opera «Amar es para siempre». «Filming with Nadia de Santiago has been one of the best experiences of my life. Never before has an actress looked me in the eyes and conveyed so much truth,» said Macarena.
Regarding the choice of the other actors, the filmmakers revealed that it was Nadia de Santiago who first came to mind to play the role of Macarena Gómez’s sister. And when it came to looking for a leading man who would upset the girls on the floor, «who better than Hugo Silva?» Said and done, the actor accepted the role without hesitation. «It was very easy to be scared shitless with Macarena by his side. It’s very motivating to see actresses of Macarena’s stature,» said Silva, who posed with the rest of the team.
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Armando del río

«I recorded two chapters that have just been broadcasted. I know this because someone sent me a picture of the television at home with my image to my phone», he confesses laughing to this newspaper. His role is that of a construction foreman who is in charge of the demolition works of the building in Mirador de Montepinar, where the protagonists live. «It has been a very fun role, well paid and I have had a great time. I’m glad I finally listened to my agent in Madrid, who was the one who called me to do the casting.»
The other series for which Bestard is filming right now is Los herederos de la tierra, based on the novel of the same name by Ildefonso Falcones. A Netflix fiction that is the continuation of La catedral del mar, also adapted for television. «In the series I play ‘el cubero’, the husband who has been forcibly married to the mother of the protagonist, Hugo,» he explains. «I’ll be in three episodes,» he says.