La vida peligrosa podcast

La vida peligrosa podcast

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They arrive at El Mochuelo’s house, the plan is as follows: Uribe will enter El Mochuelo’s house alone while Sandra, don Cande and Lino wait for him in the car. He will have to be firm, convincing and not give in to the thugs waiting for him. He will deliver the money and the deal will be closed. Sandra will stay with Uribe.
Professor Uribe has been invited to the Viva Zapata téibol. Don Candelario wants to thank him for helping his son pass his philosophy exam. Glasses of tequila, stripes of coke and half-naked women are flowing around the tables of the Viva Zapata. Uribe, not to offend Don Candelario and his entourage, accepts everything he is offered.
At noon they finally receive the note. Beto has passed. It seems that everything is finally over but Don Candelario is a man as vindictive as he is grateful. And don Candelario’s gratitude, no one rejects it. Uribe is forced to go that same night to the ‘Viva Zapata’, a Mexican téibol where he will meet the reason for all his problems: Sandra.23 minApr 28, 2017E02 – The philosophy examIn the world of drug trafficking there is nothing clean, pure and sincere. Sentences have double meanings, friends are enemies and innocence is always tainted. The faithful and always willing <strong>Lino Esparza</strong> can become one of the biggest rivals of don<strong> Candelario Quintana</strong> if the latter does not keep a close eye on him. In Ciudad Jimenez the government is not honest either, there everyone has something to hide and Esparza will be the one who will be anchored to these secrets to blackmail, threaten and assassinate any politician who is a friend of don Candelario.

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This was announced this Friday, December 2, by the business group, which said that the host of W Radio Mexico, Martha Debayle, was in charge of the presentation of the event, in which Guillermo Arriaga highlighted the quality of the series.
“I assure you that we made a quality product. The actors worked with passion and rigor. It is a drama with black humor,” said the Mexican director, who explained that in cinema you can use your hands, the distance with the actor, the silence “because the face is expressing it”. “Not here, here subtlety does not fit. We have to make everything be created only through the voice, we have to make the distance felt,” he reiterated.

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The first narcoseries ‘Bienvenido a la vida peligrosa’ was presented this Thursday, April 20, by novelist and journalist Arturo Pérez Reverte, author of the script for a series directed by Guillermo Arriaga.
The show, which will premiere this Friday, April 21, on Prisa Radio’s Podium Podcast platform, is a 10-episode tragicomedy starring Juan Echanove and Rafael Amaya and illustrated with music by the group ‘Jenny and The Mexicats’, which shows the social reality of northern Mexico, as well as the environment surrounding drug trafficking.
During the audition of the first episode of the series, Arturo Pérez-Reverte highlighted the importance of comedy in the series and “the juxtaposition between the quiet existence of the professor, with elements of irony and humor, and the dark and serious life of the narco”, full of murders and entanglements.

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In an exclusive audition for journalists, writers and critics, Arturo Pérez-Reverte commented: “When the project came up, I found it very interesting and I transformed a story I had sketched out into a script for a radio soap opera. Guillermo Arriaga, who knows that world perfectly, materialized it with excellent actors and it is the contrast of European politically correct innocence with a brutal immersion in violence and death. All with a background of black humor, of tragicomedy”.
Juan Echanove, in the roles of narrator and professor Uribe, explained that “it has been a very nice experience, it is one of those projects in which everything is very good and in which one looks forward to the result”.
On the possibility that ‘Bienvenido a la vida peligrosa’ could become a book or audiobook, Pérez-Reverte answered: “I always think in book format but when I start working for others and not for myself, that breaks the ties with the original story and I adapt to the new format. Besides, the ending is relatively open in case a second season is made”.