Miranda vis a vis

Miranda vis a vis

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She also appeared in four episodes as a recurring character in the series Plan America. However, she gained fame and popularity in the Antena 3 television series Los hombres de Paco where she played Marina Salgado. She also played Rafaela in the movie Tres metros sobre el cielo and its sequel Tengo ganas de ti.
Between 2010 and 2011 she played Eulalia Prado Salvatierra in the TV series Amar en tiempos revueltos, of TVE. In 2012 she joined the cast of La Riera as Cristina Padró Rodríguez; in 2014, the Antena 3 series Velvet as Pilar Márquez; and in 2015, Vis a vis, prison fiction in which she gives life to Miranda Aguirre, the director of Cruz del Sur.

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I wouldn’t call it that, it’s more of a human interest. There are people who say that, if they had to have a child without a partner, they would choose their best friend. And Miranda sees in Sandoval someone who admires her, flatters her… She is annulled as a woman and focused on her work, but she has forgotten herself. And, as she said in one of the chapters, she thinks that, in order to recover her sexual drive, who better than the person she trusts the most?
You would hallucinate when you read the script.I have flipped out a lot with the whole season in general, but with this plot Ramiro and I have laughed a lot. Suddenly there’s a click in Miranda’s brain that makes her think: ‘I want to live this’. And she goes crazy!
And the prisoners have also given her a pulse by rebelling…It’s just that Miranda doesn’t have many people to trust. She has always been very empathetic and has trusted her work method, but she doesn’t realize that the manipulation to which she is subjected is reaching incredible limits. Because Fabio [Roberto Enriquez], whom we all love so much, in the first season already did the thirteen fourteen on her more than once.

Eles sumiram sem explicação em vis a vis

Maggie Civantos had already made it clear that she was not going to be present during the whole season because of her work commitments, however, in an interview for Vanitatis, the actress left open the possibility that her end in ‘Vis a Vis’ is definitive: «It is not known yet if there will be an end or not, but what is certain is that I have other commitments», said the actress. In addition, Najwa Nimri, the actress under the skin of Zulema, also declared to the same media that there would not be an ending «until Maca and Zulema face each other».

Cristina plazas: «miranda is very empathetic but tough» | vis a vis

In ‘Vis a vis’ all the women want to wear yellow. They are all proud of the project that has brought them together in an imposing industrial warehouse, converted into a prison where they feel free to break all the clichés and prejudices surrounding television fiction [ASÍ SE CONSTRUIBE LA CÁRCEL]. «I think that, little by little, we will be ironing out differences until we are no longer surprised to see a sex scene between two women. I think that ‘Vis a vis’, in this sense, is bringing naturalness to these issues,» says Maggie Civantos, who gives life to Macarena, protagonist of the Antena 3 series.
Maggie Civantos (Macarena); Cristina Plazas (Miranda); Najwa Nimri (Zulema); Berta Vázquez (Rizos); Alba Flores (Saray); Inma Cuevas (Anabel) María Isabel Díaz Lago (Sole); Marta Aledo (Tere); Laura Baena: (Antonia).
«As a screenwriter and co-executive producer of the series, it seems to me much more valuable that they give the Ondas to all of them than just to one. To me, personally, I think they are all spectacular. They move me». He is Álex Pina, the head of Globomedia’s production company for this series and responsible for a large part of its success.