Movistar tv juego de tronos

Movistar tv juego de tronos

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Is there an alternative? Yes, there is. In fact, there are a couple of alternatives where you can enjoy the finale of ‘Game of Thrones’ and one of them is also cheaper than HBO. In addition to being offered on the on-demand content platform of the channel that makes it possible, the series is available on two other services. On the one hand we have Movistar+, with its Movistar Series channel, and on the other the fuboTV platform, a television service that includes free-to-air generalist channels and also Movistar Series.
And here is the key: taking into account that fuboTV offers a one-week free trial and its monthly fee is only 3.99 euros, it is the cheapest alternative to watch ‘Game of Thrones’ cheaper than HBO. Remember, this service costs 7.99 euros per month. The savings are obvious.
The pay TV offered by Movistar through its Fusión tariffs is not cheap if we compare the total cost with what a streaming platform costs, but considering that it includes internet connection and other services, many users find it worth it. In any case, Movistar+ is an alternative to HBO when it comes to watching ‘Game of Thrones’, which is what we are looking for.

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[WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR 8X03] There are several factors that influence this, but the main culprit is the codec. In this case, all platforms use H.264 (MPEG-4) to compress content in 1080p resolution, while using H.265 (HEVC) for 4K. Since Game of Thrones is not in 4K because it was not shot at that resolution, we have to settle for 1080p.
And streaming platforms like HBO use a very low bitrate for 1080p content. This does not usually affect the quality of what we see much if there is a lot of light involved, as the codec works well there. The problem comes when excessive compression is applied through streaming with a very low bitrate.
When applying compression with an algorithm, the amount of colors is reduced. For example, if we have four pixels with different shades of white arranged in the shape of a square, if we apply excessive compression, the algorithm will apply the same white to all 4 pixels, leaving the image “flatter”. Something like this happened in Game of Thrones, where for example in a very dark scene, many shades of black are lost [SPOILER], as when we see dragons flying in very dark scenes.

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On March 6, Fundación Telefónica Movistar and HBO presented the “Game of Thrones Experience”, a multisensory tour that takes visitors through different moments of one of the most watched television series in history.
The space allows visitors to learn about and reflect on the transformation that information and communication technologies generate in cultural consumption and the opportunities that emerge in the educational universe as a result of these new habits and ways of perceiving the world.
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Game of Thrones is considered one of the best sagas of all time for many moviegoers. If you want to watch Game of Thrones online or on your TV do not miss the following article where we tell you all the details to watch Game of Thrones and not miss a single chapter.
Game of Thrones is neither on Netflix nor Amazon Prime Unlike what you can see online, you should know that Game of Thrones is not on Netflix or Amazon Prime. So you will not be able to watch the series on any of these online platforms.
The most positive thing about watching Game of Thrones online with HBO is that it is very easy to access the platform, either through its website or through the app. And, once inside you will have access to all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones easily and quickly.
The best documentaries are on HBO. Science documentaries, history and even docuseries. HBO has a wide catalog of documentaries with which you will discover stories never seen before.
Once you activate your Vodafone TV, you can access either from the web or from the app “Vodafone TV” to Vodafone TV. Here, you will have to search for HBO. Click and access the platform to watch Game of Thrones online with Vodafone.