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As in the web version, it will be necessary to synchronize the mobile client with the program through the QR code that we must scan directly following the instructions that appears in the main interface of WhatsApp Desktop. Once this action has been performed positively, all the conversations and contacts we have in WhatsApp will be synchronized so that we can interact with them from the Mac in the same way we would do it on the mobile.
With this tool we will be able to send any multimedia content, create and manage groups, archive conversations, make changes to the main profile and even take photos with the camera that appears integrated into the computer. Of course, to run this application we will always depend on the mobile device with which we have synchronized it so it must be turned on and sharing the same web connection to enjoy WhatsApp Desktop on our Mac.

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Since I updated my iPhone, when I leave an individual or group chat, to return to the main screen, the bottom bar where appears status, chat, calls… collapses and appears after a few seconds. It is quite uncomfortable, I would like to correct it, I think we are many people like this.
The developer, WhatsApp Inc. has indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include the data management described below. For more information, please see the developer’s privacy policy.

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The messaging client WhatsApp is one of the applications that we use the most every day. There is not a day that goes by that we do not receive dozens of messages from our contacts or groups, and every time the popular communication service launches a new feature its more than 2 billion active users run to update the application to test its new features.
We cannot install WhatsApp and forget to update the application. When a new update arrives, the previous version of WhatsApp will expire. The company does not give deadlines, but an un-updated version of WhatsApp can expire after a few weeks or months. If WhatsApp expires, we will have to update it to continue using it.
If you like to be among the first to receive all the news of your favorite applications then WhatsApp Beta is the version to which you have to update. This is the version in development that you can update comfortably from the Play Store and allows you to test its upcoming features before they are officially released to everyone.

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WhatsApp is currently compatible with virtually all mobile operating systems on the market: Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. That is, through WhatsApp we can communicate with any friend regardless of the model of terminal you have.
WhatsApp users will be able to send text messages, voice messages, hyperlinks and images to any user. The default image compression, moreover, makes file transfer very fluid (although quality is obviously lost).
One of the most interesting and used WhatsApp tools is the possibility of creating and managing groups in a very simple way. Any user can join any group with an invitation from its creator, and can leave it whenever they want.
WhatsApp is the perfect communication tool for any Android user, since thanks to it you can stop paying for text messages forever. It is also important to note that this application is fully compatible (as far as sending and receiving messages is concerned) with other non-official WhatsApp tools.