Google play services for instant apps

Google play services for instant apps

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Well, that would target that particular app, but I would like to block all unauthorized updates or installation of new apps. Also, this type of “system level” installation and download happens hidden from the user. The way it works is that it checks the version and, if an update is needed, downloads a file behind the scenes. Once the download is complete, it attempts to perform the installation and, if the installation fails, it will try again at another time. Temp files are periodically deleted, so if it can’t find it … it will download it again. If you monitor the Temp folder you can catch it doing this over and over again …
I think this will be a system app on newer devices as they come out, for the rest of us with older devices, just force install on compatible devices.
Edit: Due to the fact that the question was amended after I replied. This answer applies to non-rooted devices. With a rooted device it might be possible, but I can’t think of a solution that is easy or permanent.

Do i need google play services for instant apps

Some apps contain more advanced architectural elements, which are described in the following sections. If your app or game contains any of the following elements, please read the section for that element.
It is possible to provide different instant experiences from the same game or app by creating multiple entry points. For example, a mental skill game might have two different modes: a timed single-player challenge and a multiplayer showdown.
In order to create multiple entry points, set up a different one for each experience you want to provide. For more information, see How to provide multiple entry points in an instant experience.

Google play instant apps

Mobile applications are the direct access to obtain information within a smartphone. However, users are always looking for the best possible experience, preferring the fastest and simplest option. Some users complain about having to install an endless number of applications that they will use for a short time, which fills up the memory and decreases the performance of their smartphones.
The scheme shows that before each application had all the features or functions (features) included in the project, which resulted in a single large APK. Now with Instant Apps, the code base is a module, and the features are separated into other modules to generate the Instant Apps that require these specific features, also improving the maintenance of the project.
A bad practice is to contain all the information in a single Activity. Android best practices indicate that all logic should be implemented in Fragments, and the Activity should only host fragments.

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Generally the problems of crashes and so on have been solved in the new versions of Android.  But it was a headache, especially in early versions of Android, when phones did not have too many resources and this app consumed a lot of resources when it was running.
Another option is to restore the phone. In each mobile is called differently but basically serves to restore factory data, including system applications, but beware that this option also erases all personal data, including text messages, installed third-party applications and the entire contents of the phone memory.