Song of ice and fire

Winter winds

«My plan is still to finish in seven». This is how George R.R. Martin settled rumors that he would extend his A Song of Ice and Fire saga, on which the Game of Thrones series is based, from seven to eight books.
Although in the explanation of his sentence, Martin lost some forcefulness: «But my original plan was to finish in three. I write the stories and they grow. I handle certain things and sometimes I can’t find the end of a story.»
Martin’s response is consistent with his earlier statements.    In 2011, asked if he was «firmly determined» to end the saga with the seventh book he replied, «I’m as determined as I can be…until I decide to stop being determined.»
As for those changes, Martin has mixed feelings. «I like a lot of the new scenes they’ve inserted along the way, although I miss the things they leave out. Obviously I put those scenes in the books for a reason, I felt they add something to the story,» notes the writer who asks for more chapters for the each of the seasons of the series. «I would have liked it to have more hours, every time I watch another HBO series I wonder why we only have 10 chapters and others have 13.»

The world of ice and firebook by elio m. garcía jr., george r. r. martin, and linda antonsson

The series is told in the third person through the eyes of several characters. By the end of the fifth volume, there have been thirty-one points of view, including nine characters who have only appeared once (eight of them, because they die violently).
As of August 2018, over 90 million copies have been sold worldwide and, as of January 2017, it has been translated into 47 languages.[11][12][13] The fourth and fifth volumes reached the top of The New York Times Best Seller list on their releases.  Among the many spin-off works are several prequel novels, a television series, a comic book adaptation, and several card, board, and video games.
The saga is complemented by The World of Ice and Fire, a book that tells the story of Westeros told from the perspective of several Maesters, written by Martin, Elio M. Garcia jr and Linda Antonsson.[18] The World of Ice and Fire is also the first book in the saga to be published.
In October 2018, a new novel called Fire and Blood came out, which narrates all the events between the conquest of Aegon the Conqueror Targaryen until the reign of «The Broken King» Aegon III Targaryen.


The novel’s prologue features a patrol of the Night’s Watch, in the forest beyond the Wall, an ancient 700-foot-high (200 m), 300-mile-long (480 km) barrier of ice, stone, and ancient magic, protecting the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
Jon Snow, the bastard son of Lord Eddard and despised by Catelyn, inspired by his uncle Benjen Stark, the first ranger of the Night’s Watch, decides to «take the black» and go to the Wall to join the Night’s Watch. Jon travels north to the Wall with the queen’s brother, Tyrion Lannister, and other members of the Night’s Watch. He is disillusioned when he discovers that it is little more than a penal colony meant to keep the «wildlings» (human tribes living in relative lawlessness, north of the Wall) under control.
When news of his father’s execution reaches Jon, he intends to leave the Night’s Watch and join his half-brother Robb in the war against the Lannisters. His friends among the Night’s Watch stop Jon before he gets too far from the Wall and convince him to return. Mormont convinces Jon that his place is with his new brothers, and that the war for the throne is no match for the evil that Winter is preparing to bring down upon them from the North. With Jon’s loyalty assured, Mormont declares his intention to lead a massive sortie beyond the Wall, to find Benjen Stark (dead or alive), as well as to investigate the disappearance of many wildlings and the dark rumors surrounding the King Beyond the Wall, a deserter from the Night’s Watch known as Mance Rayder.

Fire & bloodbook by george r. r. martin

The series is told in the third person through the eyes of several characters. By the end of the fourth volume, there have been twenty-five points of view, including eight characters who have only appeared once.
The saga is known for having complex characters, sudden and violent plot changes, and well-developed political intrigue. In a genre where magic normally possesses a central role in the plot, Song of Ice and Fire is characterized by a limited and subtle use of it, employing it as an ambiguous and often dark force.
Moreover, the novels do not revolve around the struggle between Good and Evil; rather, the plot arcs are based primarily on political struggles and civil wars; there are only one or two arcs that suggest the possibility of an external threat.
Martin’s realistic approach to his characters makes it extremely difficult to classify them: very few can be labeled as «good» or «bad», thus moving away from the Manichaeism that sometimes abounds so much in the fantasy genre. The author has earned a reputation for not being afraid to «kill off» any character, regardless of whether or not he or she is a main character, in the pursuit of realism.