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It is the cloud bread, a dough based on egg and cream cheese that has been elevated by the gluten-phobic sector to the category of perfect substitute for wheat bread, that «daily poison that ruins our health» with «too much gluten» that «puts our lives at risk» and other crazy myths that nutrition professionals have tried to disprove actively and passively.
Willing to find out all about ‘cloud bread’, we prepared it, tasted it and consulted with a nutritionist and a baker some of its supposed benefits and virtues, as well as trying to analyze whether or not it is healthier or more suitable for certain types of diets than bread made with cereals.
«I believe that what should define a product as bread is its tradition, its roots in a geographical or cultural area or its role in society. Can we call it bread? Honestly, I wouldn’t, because it lacks the fermentation process and one of the basic ingredients: cereal». Rather, it seems to him to be one more of the perishable phenomena that are «a consequence of the fashion that demonizes wheat and consequently

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Protein Bread Always Tender XXL 500 grs – Low Carbohydrate Keto Protein Bread – 28% Protein – Ideal Hypocaloric and High Protein diets KETO – Lasts up to 88 days without refrigeration.i want to know more about this productWeider Protein Bread Carrot. Protein Bread with 11g of protein.
12 x Baguettes of Soft Bread 110 grs (1320 grs total) – Lasts up to 88 days without refrigeration or freezing – Ideal for any time – Bagged in a Protective Atmosphere – I want to know more about this productOrinal Caballero -Unit