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Hajé restaurant

All our dishes are homemade[Our entire menu can be ordered throughout the day, unless otherwise indicated.Between 16:00-17:00 our kitchen team rests and prepares the evening[The drinks menu is open then].
You can park 24 hours a day at Q-park de Griend, almost next to our building. Drive to the end of the garage and walk out. Or enter ‘Franciscus Romanusweg 90’ into your navigation. Then you can park practically next to our front door.Voila! Welcome at NOON
You can make reservations for lunch or dinner on our large sun terrace. However, we never make reservations in advance for more guests than we can accommodate inside. In bad weather (terrace closed), your reservation guarantees you a place inside.
Our terrace is 4x as big as inside.  The other terrace tables are not reserved in advance.  Just come by and check in at the entrance desk. We always have a table for everyone, you may have to wait a while, but you can sit on our lounge sofas, at the bar or along the river.

Seafood bar menu

Making fish accessible again! That’s what we are doing. The popularity of fish is on the rise, as more and more people become aware of the importance of diverse and healthy eating. But, there is also frustration. Where can you eat good quality fish these days and be surprised by good prices in a cozy environment? It was time for a change!
At the fish market, we have a dynamic pricing policy. During the day the fishmongers throw down the price of the fish in order to sell out. In this way we prevent unnecessary waste. The changing supply at the fish market depends on the daily delivery, seasonal availability and weather conditions!
Because you participate in our concept, we need less staff. As a result, our personnel costs are lower than in other restaurants, allowing us to offer the fish at an even lower price. Welcome to our Theatre of Fish! Are you ready for the show?
Did you know that we have a shark swimming in the canals of Amsterdam? And that we handed out 10,000 free oysters in the Vondelpark? And that we do profit-sharing with our team? No? Read the articles below and you’ll be up to date again!

Hajé menu

We serve lunch, aperitivo and dinner from Wednesday to Saturday.  You can reserve a table online. Our terrace is covered, but not heated so bring a nice thick sweater.  Due to the corona regulation we have limited availability at the moment. If you are booking with more than 2 people, we assume you are one household.
For decades, Buffet by Odette has been one of Amsterdam’s most beloved spots for a good plate of food in a beautiful setting. Odette Rigterink started Buffet van Odette in 1994. Pots and pans of home-made food were loaded into a crate on the front of her bicycle to be served out in Enfant Terrible’s rented evening restaurant. There she served healthy, simple meals to young and old Amsterdam. In 1998 Odette opened her first mini-restaurant and store in the Berenstraat in Amsterdam. In 2001 she moved with her restaurant to the Herengracht. In 2011 the time was ripe for a larger location. This was found at Prinsengracht 598, on the slightly sunny corner of Weteringstraat.

Seafood bar amsterdam

Since 2010, our Culinary Chef and his team are located in our own test kitchen, the Culinary Heart. Every day they prepare the basis for all our dishes, according to our own recipe. With their expertise, we guarantee at all our locations the high quality you may expect from us. Every day again.
The Hajé menu has something for everyone. Of course the well-known classics such as the Hajé chicken satay, our scrambled eggs and dame blanche. In addition, we offer a delicious selection of healthy dishes. The social trend towards healthier food has been supported by Hajé since our establishment and we do our best to contribute.
Our restaurants offer a rest stop along the way, so you can move on with renewed energy. Start your day with a superfood breakfast, lunch with richly filled spelt bread and enjoy a Hajé fit menu in the evening. Children can feast on sweet potato fries and snack vegetables with each dish.